At Classic Optical, we want to make it easy and convenient for you to keep up with your eye and vision care with our friendly optometrist and her staff. We are proud to welcome clients from the surrounding areas including Dryden, Freeville, Lansing, Trumansburg, Cayuga Heights, Ithaca, and Watkins Glen, as well as Ithaca College and Cornell University. We understand that you want your vision to be at its best. Prescription lenses can help give you the clearest vision possible. Whether you are branching out to a new type of contact lens or trying contacts for the first time, let our trusted eye doctor guide you through the process. Below you will find a few of the frequently asked questions that we run into regarding contact lenses. .

Q: How do I get the right contact lenses?

A: You will need to start with an eye exam by an optometrist. You will go through the usual testing of your field of vision, pressure in your eyes, pupil dilation, and so on. These tests allow our eye doctor to get an overall picture of your eye health. We will narrow down your exact prescription in each eye. Our eye doctor will advise you on putting a pair of contacts in and you will need to determine if they are the right choice for you.

Q: What vision problems can contact lenses help with?

A: Contact lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, blurry vision brought on by astigmatism, and presbyopia or decreased close-up vision resulting from age. Specialized contacts can also help with keratoconus, which is a condition that results in distorted vision caused by the cornea being irregularly shaped instead of having the typical curvature. Our optometrist can even fit you with multifocal contacts that can address presbyopia and farsightedness or nearsightedness at the same time.

Q: Are all contact lenses the same?

A: Besides being tailored to each person’s prescription to give the patient the clearest vision possible, contacts come in different materials and are formulated for various degrees of usage. Hard lenses, which were the first to be invented, allow more air to get through to the eyes even though they do not have a flexible or supple texture. These lenses are a good choice for those who tend to get eye infections or have dry eye. Most wearers find soft contacts more comfortable and easy to get used to, especially for first-time users. You can choose from lenses that are designed to be worn all day and taken out and cleaned at night, disposable after one month or after three months, or contacts that are made to be thrown away at the end of each day. Other lenses may be worn overnight for up to a month. Some contacts also come in colors so you can change your eye color while wearing them.

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