Deciding between wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses can be difficult. Each option can be ideal for different situations, but most people either need or want to simply choose one and use that vision correction method. At Classic Optical in Ithaca, NY, our optometrist provides a variety of contacts and glasses and will help you make the right decision. Contact Lens vs Traditional Glasses

Wearing Eyeglasses

If you have ever worn glasses, you know how much maintenance they can need throughout the day. They often need to be cleaned multiple times per day, and many need to be adjusted on the nose multiple times as well. For glasses wearers, this may be something that is barely noticed, or it might irritate you enough that you want to choose contacts instead. If you are very busy throughout the day, you may not have the time needed to clean and adjust your glasses often. However, you may be so used to these adjustments and cleanings that you don’t give it another thought. Fans of glasses often wear them because they are a part of their look, and they don’t want to be without the way they look. It may also be a force of habit. After wearing glasses for many years, it might feel strange not to wear them. 

Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contacts can become a habit just as easily as wearing glasses. Many people get used to the way they are inserted and removed, and they would feel strange if they put on a pair of glasses. For those not used to glasses, it can also be jarring to see the outline of the frames in their vision, and they may want to have their peripheral vision back. For those who live very active lifestyles, contacts are often ideal. There is no maintenance and no adjustments needed throughout the day. If you like to work out or play a sport, contacts will stay in place and won’t get foggy.  Contact lens wearing requires a lot of handling of the eye, and how you feel about that may dictate whether you choose contacts or not. If you don’t like touching your eye and tend to be afraid to put the lenses onto the eyes, glasses may be a better option. 

Visit Our Eye Doctor in Ithaca, NY for Glasses or Contacts

If you need corrective eyewear, you first need an eye exam. At Classic Optical in Ithaca, NY, our optometrist will perform an exam to determine your prescription. We can then help you choose between glasses and contacts. Call us today to schedule an appointment.