Understand Sports Eye Safety with

Our Ithaca Optometry Team

Every year, around 40,000 sports-related eye injuries happen in America, most of which are preventable. At Classic Optical, our Ithaca optometry team doesn’t want to see any of our patients struggle with pain and impaired vision as a result of a sports eye injury. That’s why we encourage people to learn about sports eye safety for themselves and their loved ones. .

How Eyes Get Injured in Sports

Sports like basketball, racquetball, water polo, and wresting are more likely to lead to a sports eye injury, although injuries can happen during almost any activity. Any time something jabs, scratches, pokes, or comes in contact with your eye, damage can occur. Especially if you’re not wearing proper eye protection. What kinds of injuries are we talking about?

  • Corneal ulcers (a scratch on the clear part on the front of your eye)
  • Orbital blowout fractures (a break in the bone surrounding your eye)
  • Traumatic iritis (inflammation of the colored iris)
  • Photokeratitis (a “sunburn” on the eye, usually caused by reflecting sunlight off water, sand, snow, or ice)

An injury to the eye can be incredibly painful and lead to uncomfortable symptoms like watering, itching, and blurry vision. Severe injuries can even threaten a person’s long-term vision and overall eye health. Remember: most of these injuries are preventable. It’s important for athletes of all ages and skill levels to protect their eyes during sports.

Top Sports Eye Safety Tips from Our Ithaca Optometrist

To excel at sports, most of us know we need to warm-up, fuel our bodies, and avoid over-training. Did you know that getting your eyesight checked can also improve your physical performance? An optometrist can assess and help you improve your vision, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, and other visual skills. If you have vision problems like astigmatism, our Ithaca optometrist can prescribe appropriate corrective eye wear, such as contacts or eyeglasses. In addition to elevating your game, working with an optometrist can also help you maximize your sports eye safety. Here are a few of our top tips:

  • Always wear protective head gear and safety glasses as recommended for your sport
  • If wearing eye glasses during sports, make sure they are made with durable enough material to be used as sports glasses
  • Wear UV-blocking sunglasses when exercising outdoors
  • Seek professional help if a sports eye injury doesn’t get better within a few days

Protect Your Eyes During Sports and Exercise

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