We sell contact lenses at or below 1800Contacts with next day service in most cases for no extra charge.
Order your contacts online at Classic Optical for the same price as 1800Contacts and pick them up the next day at our convenient downtown location.

Why Buy Your Contact through Classic Optical?

  • Fast Service
  • Personal Service (We actually know your name and recognize your face!)
  • Free Emergency Replacement Lenses if needed (lost, ripped, torn, etc)
  • Got a date? Going to the formal? Leaving for vacation and forgot about contacts? We can almost always get you a set right on the spot to hold you over while your supply comes in (a freebie)!
  • Play a CU/IC Sport? We will give your team trainer a free set for the med kit just in case you need one on the road.
  • Next Day Delivery – No extra cost.
  • Simple easy phone orders , or online text orders…and you can pay when you pick up vs. before your order like online. Just call in, tell us your name and how many you want… it’s that easy .